PWNSTARZ Member gruffysnuggles Kills Shroud In Apex Legends Clip

gruffysnuggles for the win

The well-known streamer Shroud has pretty good skill in video games, which launched his streaming career. Streamers like Shroud were some of the reasons why Microsoft signed him up for a Mixer exclusive deal, and now that Shroud has moved back to Twitch, he’s entertaining his fans once again on the purple platform.

In the streaming community, Shroud is known for his impactful play, so it’s not surprising that a video of him being killed quickly is now going viral on TikTok. The player, gruffysnuggles, devastated Shroud while playing Apex Legends. Gruffysnuggles is a Twitch streamer and the newest member of the PWNSTARZ organization.

The clip shows Shroud being surprised at how quickly he died. It was the fastest death he has ever experienced in the game, gruffysnuggles is considered a “legend” according to Shroud himself.

Check out the clip here of gruffysnuggles killing Shroud with ease.

Gruffysnuggles also posted a clip showing her killing Shroud from her point of view. Surprisingly it looks like it was an easy kill. Gruffysnuggles is shown in the video looting and then killing Shroud without missing a shot, unaware that she is playing against someone rated as a top Twitch streamer.

It wasn’t until a few moments later Gruffysnuggles chat advised that she had just killed Shroud. This was met with some disbelief at the time, but quickly realized, she just took out Shroud.

We are proud of Gruffysnuggles being a true sport in the gaming industry and the organic opportunity to get a high profile kill in a popular title such as Apex Legend, is well, legendary. Check out Gruffysnuggles today!