Learn about the history of PWNSTARZ and see where it all started.

PWNSTARZ began back in late 2010. But before the brand was a thing, there was PWN, who began playing FPS games religiously when he was about 12. Starting with DOOM, Unreal Tournament, and Quake 3. By this time, PWN had been playing Quake 3 for about 10 years all while competing on major ladders such as OGL and the Proving Grounds. 

After some time, the original Call of Duty was released which PWN played and by the time Modern Warfare 2 came out, he was searching for potential clans to join. The one clan that originally caught his eye was Optic, before they were really anything. They operated on their website mostly and were not to well known yet. This was before YouTube gained any popularity, this was the prime time to make one’s self noticed. 

PWN did a bit of research on the Optic forum board and saw that they were a console only clan, so PWN powered down the PC and made the switch to console in hopes of being recruited into Optic. 

After a while, PWN had become quite skilled in console FPS games such as COD and while playing FFA in COD Black Ops 1, he ran into another player named Ninjamayne. After about 3 games, Ninjamayne had sent PWN a message offering a business opportunity. A peculiar turn of events as this was not the goal at the time for PWN as he was trying to get into Optic. But, this appeared to be an opportunity to possibly speed things up and obtain his goals, PWN opted to take Ninjamayne up on his offer. 

Fast forward about 9 years later and the PWNSTARZ Twitch and YouTube channels are growing with amazing fans from all over the world. 

PWN does still think back on possible opportunities that may have come if he had joined Optic. However, he knows that the decision he made has made him the person he is today. 

Now, the PWNSTARZ brand is moving on to a new chapter, converting into an Esports organization, giving other talented gamers an opportunity to shine with a well-known gaming brand. 

Notable Accolades

World First 100 Moabs in 24 Hrs

100 MOABS dropped in a 24hr stream on Call of Duty. Said record was then broken again by PWN in an 18hr stream. No support, no ballistic vest, no full party spawn trap on ground war. 

2x Lone Wolf FFA Winner

Winner of the Lone Wolf Op FFA tournament which consisted of a grand prize trip to Paris and Hawaii. PWN also took home a win for the Lone Wolf TDM tournament. 

COD Ghosts Prestige Master

Winner of the race to prestige master in Call of Duty Ghosts with teammate oTrademark. PWN and Trademark defeated other notable YouTubers, streamers and pro’s alike, including members of Optic Gaming. 

COD WWII Worlds First V2

PWN achieved the world’s first V2 Rocket in Call of Duty WWII before if it was even known the streak even existed. Coverage of this accolade was featured in an article by Rolling Stones.