PWNSTARZ Esport Organization Is Born

For the past 11+ Years, PWNSTARZ has primarily been manned by one talented player, PWN. But now, the PWNSTARZ brand is evolving into a full-fledged Esport Organization bringing new talent to the team.

As the organization is brand new, it will primarily focus on discovering new talent in the gaming and creative community. Those who have talents in pub stomping, team-based/objective competitive play, design, video editing etc will be welcome to try out when official recruitments begin.

Esports has grown into a massive industry over the past few years and revenues are expected to be over the $1billion+ mark in 2021. Let’s face it, gaming on a global level is the fastest-growing form of entertainment that anyone can enjoy, whether you are a player or viewer.

The video game market revenue stream has been increasing year by year and in 2022, it’s expected to bring in an estimated $200 billion. Viewership for the esports industry is higher than the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL combined according to Newzoo.

PWNSTARZ is headquartered in Texas and will focus on bringing the best, undiscovered talent together under the brand. PWNSTARZ will enter major tournaments (Online for now) for top AAA games such as Call of Duty, Apex, and Splitgate to start.

Be sure to follow the official PWNSTARZ Twitter account for the latest information on recruitment and other brand-related news.